Have you noticed that the B2C customers, over the years, have shown a dramatic change in their purchasing pattern? They have left behind the charm of physical stores in favour of far more promising e-commerce stores.

Well, who can blame them? The experience of window shopping from the comforts of one’s home (meanwhile drinking coffee in pyjamas) is hard to resist. Even if it means giving up the weekly friends’ hangout session at a nearby mall.

And no, we are not overly optimistic here, we have stats to prove our point. Statista, one of the top online portal for statistics, claims that the online retail industry will hit an annual growth rate of 17.5% of the total retail sales worldwide by 2021. 

These figures don’t mean much until you learn that the current worth of online retail sales is already soaring at 3.53 trillion US dollars. Now, who’s being an optimist here. 

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