Venture capital (VC) is far from the only funding source for B2B FinTechs.’s initial public offer (IPO) on Thursday (Dec. 12) was largely hailed a success, reaching $22 per share – slightly above anticipated – resulting in about $216.1 million raised, Reuters reported.

At the same time, the New York Stock Exchange has submitted a proposal for a direct listing-style alternative to the IPO, while FinTech Uncapped recently spoke with PYMNTS about connecting small businesses to capital via revenue-based financing, described as a tool that sits somewhere between venture capital and a traditional bank loan.

Despite a growing array of options, venture capital remains a solid funding source for B2B FinTechs, with this week’s roundup accumulating $104.4 million in funding for the ecosystem, with more to come. PYMNTS looks at the latest VC rounds below.

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