Small businesses want to hear from big brands and companies, yet there is a nagging disconnect between them.

Basically, brands and enterprise companies may not speak the same language as SMBs. They may not appear to “get” them and connect on an emotional level. And they don’t really deliver both the real and perceived value that SMBs need. Getting past these disconnects is critical.

“There are two critical drivers of B2SB Marketing success; knowing the differences in the SMBs’ DNA, and how they uniquely define value,” Gliatta tells us. “What we need to understand is what constitutes ‘success’ to the SMB owner. It is also important to understand who influences their decision-making, and the common drivers that can be established with them – no matter their size, demo or vertical.”

SMBs ultimately make their decisions based on WIIFM. “Marketers that pass the WIIFM test – What’s In It For Me – are those that will win,” says Gliatta. “Whether it’s brand, product/service or route value – they all need to be built through the eyes of an SMB.”

“We’ve been beating the SMB drum since our inception,” says Gliatta. “This market has been under-served, under-appreciated and under-valued for too long. But there is tremendous opportunity in SMB for those willing to better understand what makes it tick.”

Posted by Peter Krasilovsky, LocalOnliner