Cisco’s, Go-to-Market Lead, Jenn Allen

Wireless, AI and other tech enhancements, on some levels, represent new ways for SMBs to add value to their customers, bring in business, and create new operational efficiencies.

Cisco’s Allen notes that many SMBs are using wireless access for research and to better integrate home and office services. It goes well beyond email, messaging and other more conventional activities.

SMBs can use Wifi, for instance, to recognize customers and track their behavior through client and location analytics. They can also use the tech — from , for instance, Cisco Meraki — to quickly add new remote sites, such as a popup store or food truck.

A focus area for Cisco, not surprisingly, is to ensure that its clients have a robust network and secure connections. Cisco also strives to provide SMBs with informed business decisions across marketing, sales, operations, product development and customer experience.

Allen emphasizes that a lot of her work is done at the ground level, where she works directly with network service providers to determine the SMB’s needs and their go-to-market strategy. There is an emphasis on rapid adoption.

“SMBs are very focused on ease-of-use and ease-of-purchase,” says Allen. “Everything we’ve done is built around making it easier, and producing tangible results. They really like that we can offer a bundled offer with their Internet.”

Posted by Peter Krasilovsky, LocalOnliner