For tech vendors and marketing partners, SMBs obviously represent a challenge. There are a lot of SMBs that need to be touched. And once you get ahold of them, they tend to have custom needs and are not always attentive.

Utilities, such as telecom and cable companies, have a head start in working with SMBs. They already have SMBs in their network, and a sales relationship. Some are also well positioned to implement and support technology and marketing solutions.

Comcast Business is a case in point. It has two million+ customers and is one of the fastest growing businesses in Comcast’s stable. Comcast Business’ core services include Internet connectivity, video and voice. It has also been steadily adding other services, such as video, smart security products and multi site support.

Comcast VP of SMB Marketing and Chief of Data Science Brett Tolbert, believes it is about anticipating customer needs. How Comcast takes its products to the marketplace is another important factor. The company used to mainly rely on direct mail. “We now much more digitally focused,” says Tolbert. The current offering is now a “more integrated” effort between digital and DM.

Posted by Peter Krasilovsky, LocalOnliner