october, 2019

02oct(oct 2)9:30 am03(oct 3)2:00 pmGlobal Conference 19Early Registration for Playbooks Participants from 7:30 AM to 8:45 AM. Light breakfast sponsored by Lola. Registration remains open all morning.


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    • October 2, 2019
    • 9:00 AM TRACK 1- A BRIEF WELCOME Sales & Marketing TRACK9:00 AM - 9:05 AMB2SMB Institute cofounder Dave Walker will welcome Track 1 attendees with tips on how to get the most out of the Playbooks experience – content, insights and networking opportunities abound. TRACK 1 is designed for any B2SMB Exec charged with reaching, engaging or selling SMB customers.

      Dave Walker, CEO
      B2SMB Institute

    • 9:00 AM TRACK 2- A BRIEF WELCOME Strategy & Offering TRACK9:00 AM - 9:05 AMB2SMB Institute cofounder Peter Hutto will welcome Track 2 attendees with tips on how to get the most out of the Playbooks experience – content, insights and networking opportunities abound. TRACK 2 is designed for any B2SMB Exec charged with developing B2SMB go-to-market strategies or plans, developing SMB-directed products and services, or delivering/deploying those offerings.

      Peter Hutto, CSO
      B2SMB Institute

    • 9:05 AM TRACK 1- PLAYBOOK 1 Sales & Marketing WORKSHOP9:05 AM - 9:30 AMHow to Speak SMB
      Anita Campbell and Ivana Taylor speak SMB every day to thousands of SMBs. Explore how small business decision makers think and talk. From Do’s and Don’t's to "Words to avoid," to how to appeal to what they care about most. This highly interactive workshop focuses on content marketing and product copy, including tips and ideas from participants along with rapid fire up or down votes - share what has worked for YOU.

      Anita Campbell
      SMB Trends

      Ivana Taylor
      DIY Marketers

    • 9:05 AM TRACK 2- PLAYBOOK 2 Strategy & Offering WORKSHOP9:05 AM - 9:30 AMHOW TO: Improve Time-to-Value & Customer Experience for Better Adoption
      Collapsing the time between a sale to an SMB and when they start to see value from your company, product or service is critical to improving product engagement, reducing churn and creating client success. Freshlime's Derek Miner will share their playbook for optimizing the customer journey and experience to accelerate ""customer time to value"" and improve product adoption for Freshlime's clients.

      Derek Miner, Vice President, Sales and Customer Success

    • 9:30 AM TRACK 1- PLAYBOOK 3: Sales & Marketing9:30 AM - 10:00 AMHOW TO: Sell to SMBs More Efficiently & Effectively
      Brian Bar of Victory Lap, and former head of Sales for Groupon, joins Joel Hillman of Kabbage to deliver hard-won expertise in selling to SMBs - from hiring and training to the use of tech and AI that helps qualify and close the notoriously tough SMB prospect.

      Brian Bar, CEO
      Victory Lap

      Noel Hillman, Head of Sales Operations

    • 9:30 AM TRACK 2- PLAYBOOK 4 Strategy & Offering WORKSHOP9:30 AM - 10:00 AMHOW TO: Use Data to Create B2SMB Products & Services
      Both John Sutliffe of PayFactors and Andy Fowler of Nutshell have led a multi-year efforts to turn data into powerful B2SMB products. From offering development to marketing to distribution, they'll each break down the steps and insights that ultimately unlocked enormous B2SMB opportunities for SMBs.

      John Sutliffe, SVP/GM

      Andy Fowler, Co-Founder/CTO

    • 10:00 AM TRACK 1- PLAYBOOK 5 Sales & Marketing WORKSHOP10:00 AM - 10:30 AMHOW TO: Market & Sell to Women-owned & Minority-owned SMBs
      Melinda Emerson, the SmallBizLady, leads a workshop about growing Small Business segments of growing importance to all B2SMB brands - women and minorities. From outreach and engagement to customer service and delivery, she'll ground her "How to" instructions in "why it matters" realities.

      Melinda Emerson, President

    • 10:00 AM TRACK 2- PLAYBOOK 6: Offering & Delivery10:00 AM - 10:30 AMHOW TO: Be the SMB
      Reiva Lesonsky of SmallBizDaily and Steve Strauss of USA Today speak to 1000s of SMBs every day, and they have thoughts - specifically, how YOU as a B2SMB can BE the SMB. From an entrepreneurial mindset to a customer-first commitment.

      Reiva Lesonsky
      SmallBiz Daily

      Steve Strauss
      USA Today

    • 10:30 AM BREAK10:30 AM - 11:00 AMNETWORKING: Time to meet your fellow Playbooks attendees - we've set aside the time, the space and the ideas worth talking about for each of our 2 tracks.

      Sponsored by Ruby Receptionists

    • 11:00 AM TRACK 1- PLAYBOOK 7 Sales & Marketing WORKSHOP11:00 AM - 11:30 AMHOW TO: Gather, Apply & Leverage SMB Feedback
      Learn from Ramon Ray of SmartHustle and Pam Slim of Main Street Learning Labs how to harness SMB customer feedback to create, to fix, to enhance or to just plain win SMBs day in and day out.

      Ramon Ray, Editor & Founder

      Pam Slim, Founder
      Main Street Learning Lab

    • 11:00 AM TRACK 2- PLAYBOOK 8 Strategy & Offering WORKSHOP11:00 AM - 11:30 AMHOW TO: How to Develop Partnerships via B2SMB Affinities
      Jay Christensen of Hostway and David Saxton of Yola direct a strategic partnership forged in complementary products. They’ll offer workshop attendees a playbook on how to discover, develop and deploy B2SMB partnerships based in fitting together multiple solutions for big wins.

      Jay Christensen, Sr. Director Global BD

      David Saxton, SVP Marketing/BD

    • 11:30 AM TRACK 1: PLAYBOOK 9 Sales & Marketing WORKSHOP11:30 AM - 12:00 PMHOW TO: Take a Product-First Approach to Winning SMBs
      When the U.S. Chamber of Commerce decided it was time to further deepen its relationship with SMBs, Jeanette Mulvey and Mike Morello worked together to apply a ""product-first"" approach, putting design, functionality and content at the forefront of a wholly new digital strategy called CO. They'll share their playbook.

      Jeanette Mulvey, Exec. Director of Content Strategy
      US Chamber of Commerce

      Mike Morello, CPO
      US Chamber of Commerce

    • 11:30 AM TRACK 2: PLAYBOOK 10 Strategy & Offering WORKSHOP11:30 AM - 12:00 PMHOW TO: Use a Vertical Marketplace to Scale Your Business.
      Over the last several years many B2SMB companies have built a "Marketplace" as a growth strategy. Urgent.ly as built a marketplace that services over 50,000 SMB tow truck and mobile service operators. We will interview Chris Spanos, a recent EY Entrepreneuer of the Year winner, on Urgent.ly's marketplace strategy and how to aggregate and match demand and supply, and how to create new product and service offerings that expand revenue from both buyers and sellers.

      Chris Spanos, CEO,

    • 12:15 PM B2SMB Institute 2019 Best2SMB Awards LUNCHEON12:15 PM - 1:30 PMWe’re proud to showcase best practices in B2SMB Product/Service Offerings and Innovations, culminating in our global Best2SMB Brand of the Year award for overall Enterprise excellence. Curated and voted on by our B2SMBI Influencers’ Circle, our winners will truly represent the best of the best, and we’ll show you how.

      Ramon Ray - MC
      Melinda Emerson
      Anita Campbell
      Brian Moran
      Reiva Lesonsky
      Pamela Slim
      Steve Strauss
      Ivana Taylor
      Laurie McCabe
      John Lawson

      The B2SMBI Influencers' Circle

      Sponsored by Business.com

    • 1:30 PM KEYNOTE SESSION WELCOME1:30 PM - 1:45 PMB2SMB Institute cofounders Dave Walker and Peter Hutto will welcome attendees with an overview of our #Small2Big theme, offering tips on how to get #My1Thing out of our event. Content, insights and networking opportunities abound, but what will be YOUR big takeaway?

      Dave Walker, CEO
      B2SMB Institute

      Peter Hutto, CSO
      B2SMB Institute

    • 1:45 PM The #Small2Big All-Stars1:45 PM - 2:00 PMSUPER-PANEL: Members of our Leaders' League will showcase the #Small2Big stories they admire most. From Fintech to Martech to LowTech, we'll dive into what makes for scaleable success in B2SMB - not just how it's done, but why it works in a world of a million SMB "snowflakes."

      B2SMBI Leaders' League

    • 2:00 PM SMB Fintech at Scale2:00 PM - 2:30 PMFIRESIDE CHAT: Under President Obama, Harvard-fellow Karen Mills served as the Cabinet-level head of the Small Business Administration. She led a team of more than 3,000 associates and managed a loan guarantee portfolio of over $100 billion. Since serving, she's been at the forefront of SMB Fintech, and her new book is the culmination of years of developing, growing and investing in this critical sector. Dave Walker will talk to her about the ultimate #Small2Big challenge - serving every SMB.

      Karen Mills, Former Administrator
      US SBA

      Dave Walker, CEO
      B2SMB Institute

    • 2:30 PM SMB Hiring at Scale2:30 PM - 3:00 PMKEYNOTE: When you serve hundreds of thousands of SMBs and millions of job seekers, you quickly confront the overwhelming challenges of scale. From product CE to targeted marketing to fulfillment, Raj Mukherjee’s team at Indeed has faced thousands of possible iterations, versions and customizations. In a world of so many choices, what's been the organizing principle? One of our largest B2SMB brands talks how they successfully built and serve their huge SMB customer base.

      Raj Mukherjee, Senior Vice President of Product

    • 3:00 PM SMB Customer Experience at Scale3:00 PM - 3:30 PMKEYNOTE: Rosie Roca of Salesforce Essentials began her career at the New England Patriots, walking between tailgates pre-game interviewing ticket-holders on their "Customer Experience." She now directs the Salesforce Essentials Small Business team in cross-functional support of SMB's journey with Salesforce. She'll talk what's essential in Essentials CE, and break down the specifics of what makes for success.

      Rosie Roca, VP of Customer Experience
      Salesforce Essentials

    • 3:30 PM BREAK3:30 PM - 4:00 PMNETWORKING: Time to meet your fellow GC'19 attendees - we've set aside the time, the space and the ideas worth talking about during our first General Session networking breakout!

      Sponsored by Verizon

    • 4:00 PM 5G for SMBs at Scale4:00 PM - 4:30 PMKEYNOTE: Make no mistake, 5G is coming quickly, and it promises to change everything on a scale that some say rivals the arrival of the internet. Verizon is betting big that 5G technology will birth whole new behaviors and demands, with a critical impact on SMBs and those who serve them. Hear how you can get ahead of the wave.

      Eric Spadafora, VP Business Sales

    • 4:30 PM SMB Customer Relationships at Scale4:30 PM - 5:00 PMKEYNOTE: "Conversational Commerce" holds the potential to radically change the revenue generation, product adoption, and customer service metrics and economics working with SMBs. Perry Evans, President of ThriveHive will show examples and share how his company is using multiple forms of messaging, text and chat to create new best practices to grow and maintain SMB relationships.

      Perry Evans, President

    • 5:00PM My #Small2Big, #My1Thing5:00PM - 5:45 PMWORKSHOP BREAKOUTS: As we'll learn from our afternoon of Speakers, success in turning #Small2Big requires creativity, adaptability and a relentless test-and-learn mindset. Our breakouts, each comprised of 12-15 attendees, will encourage peers to brainstorm the challenges and solutions of #Small2Big, facilitated by Members of our Leaders' League.

    • 5:45 PM RECEPTION5:45 PM - 7:15 PMNETWORKING: Great food, great libations and great people - our Global Conference reception has become the networking highlight of our event. We'll taste, sip, chat and laugh amongst B2SMB friends - folks whose jobs are as tough as ours!

      Sponsored by the B2SMB Institute Influencers' Circle

    • 7:30 PM "MEET & GREET" NETWORKING DINNERS7:30 PM - 9:00 PMOne of our most popular event activities! Meet fellow B2SMB leaders while dining at some of Chicago’s top-rated restaurants. We’ve already made reservations for groups of 6-8, and will have a signup-sheets at registration, so bon appetit!

    • October 3, 2019
    • 7:30 AM SALES/MARKETING COUNCIL BREAKFAST7:30 AM - 8:30 AMFor B2SMB Sales & Marketing Pros: for those whose job depends on reaching, engaging and winning SMB customers, our Sales & Marketing Council will host a breakfast with featured Speakers on best practices and what's working with the toughest customers on Planet Earth - Small Business!


      8:00 AM Go-to-Market at Scale: The Content Angle

      HOW TO: Make Content Production Waaaaay Faster, Cheaper & Better
      Kate Bradley Chernis of Lately and Scott Rogerson of UpContent are passionate advocates of Content Marketing. But they recognize that the creation of high-quality content is often the biggest drag on its successful application. They'll demonstrate what their tools and services do to spin up, speed up, and amp up your content marketing. Warning: you may have to lift your chin off the floor.

      Kate Bradley-Chernis, CEO

      Scott Rogerson, CEO

    • 7:30 AM STRATEGY, OFFERING & DELIVERY COUNCIL BREAKFAST7:30 AM - 8:30 AMFor B2SMB Business, Product & Delivery Pros (the rest of us who aren't sales and marketing): For those whose job depends defining the right opportunities, designing and developing the right product and service offerings, and for those pros who support SMB customers, Offering & Delivery Council will host a breakfast with featured Speakers on interesting topics relevant to building and serving SMBs.


      8:00 AM
      Lem Lloyd, SVP with data and intelligence company BuzzBoard, presents some controversial insights about the emergence (re-emergence) of these very small SMB's as a potential market for B2SMB companies. These businesses are not "side hustle", "second gig" businesses. Rather they are new, job creating, technology and marketing savvy, business owners striking out on their own. Lets discuss whether you could or should you consider building products and services for this segment.

      Lem Lloyd, SVP

    • 8:30 AM WELCOME BACK8:30 AM - 8:35 AMHave you found #My1Thing yet? B2SMB Institute cofounders Dave Walker and Peter Hutto will detail the #Small2Big topics of Day 2.

      Dave Walker, CEO
      B2SMB Institute

      Peter Hutto, CSO
      B2SMB Institute

    • 8:35 AM Go-to-Market at Scale: The Customer Experience Angle - Part 18:35 AM - 9:00 AMKEYNOTE: How Conversational Commerce Is Transforming Marketing & Customer Experience (CX)
      Virtual assistants, messaging and “conversational interfaces” are dramatically changing the way that buyers and sellers interact in the market. These technologies have profound implications for the future of customer acquisition, retention and support, whether B2C or B2B. Conversational Commerce is now at the center of a new customer journey, which continues long after a transaction.

      Greg Sterling, VP Market Insights

    • 9:00 AM Go-to-Market at Scale: The Customer Experience Angle- Part 29:00 AM - 9:30 AMLEADER-TO-LEADER: Molly Moore of Ruby Receptionists and Mari-Frances Bentvelzen of SAP Concur will talk how the SMB Customer Experience drives their marketing, sales, service, and ultimately their Brands. These 2 seasoned B2SMB leaders will kick-off our Leader-to-Leader exchanges with lessons in approach and in process, providing vital lessons to any B2SMB brand's go-to-market.

      Molly Moore, CMO
      Ruby Receptionists

      Mari-Frances Bentvelzen, VP of Customer Success
      SAP Concur

    • 9:30 AM Go-to-Market at Scale: The Demand Angle9:30 AM - 10:00 AMLEADER-TO-LEADER: Doug Llewellyn of Business.com and Carl Amacker of FP Mailing Solutions are more than supplier and buyer - they've built a partnership focused on generating SMB demand at national scale. They'll describe how they've developed and deployed a platform that reaches, engages and qualifies "best fit" prospects to fill a high-volume pipeline.

      Doug Llewellyn, CEO

      Carl Amacker, CEO
      FP Mailing Solutions

    • 10:00 AM Go-to-Market at Scale: The Solution Selling Angle10:00 AM - 10:30 AMLEADERS-TO-LEADERS: Kim Green-Kerr of Sprint has "carried the briefcase" as a Business sales pro for years, and applies the knowledge gained from her experience in the field to the oversight of corporate B2B sales strategy and execution. She's developed a keen playbook on solution selling. Kim's joined on stage by Cheryl Keeler, VP Sprint Business Sales, and Julie Goulding, Director Sprint Business Marketing, to talk candidly on how their “end-to-end” go-to-market strategy - including sales enablement, marketing, execution - succeeds at focusing on the SMB customer and growing the SMB market.

      Kim Green-Kerr, SVP Business

      Cheryl Keeler, VP Sprint Business

      Julie Goulding, Director

    • 10:30 AM NETWORKING BREAKOUT10:30 AM - 10:45 AMTime to meet your fellow GC'19 attendees - we've set aside the time, the space and the ideas worth talking about during our last General Session networking breakout!

      Sponsored by UpCity

    • 10:45 AM Go-to-Market at Scale: The Partnership Angle10:45 AM - 11:15 AMLEADER-TO-LEADER: Pete Steger of Kabbage and Peter Curzon of Yelp are both charged with developing partnerships to enhance their enterprise's go-to-market success. From finding the right partner, to aligning different strategies and tactics, to defining co-ownership (especially when it comes to success) are all part of their partnership Playbook, which they'll share in detail.

      Pete Steger, Head of Sales

      Peter Curzon, Partnerships

    • 11:15 AM Go-to-Market at Scale: The Offering Angle11:15 AM - 11:45 AMLEADER-TO-LEADER: Sean Cohen of AWeber and Kush Shrivastava of Yahoo have spent years developing successful B2SMB offerings, and they believe in the power of the right offering to win and keep fickle SMB customers. From drawing board to MVP to full-scale market launch, hear how they keep winning the go-to-market game.

      Sean Cohen, COO

      Kush Shrivastava, Managing Director

    • 11:45 AM Go-to-Market at Scale: The Localization Angle11:45 AM - 12:15 PMLEADER-TO-LEADER: Dan Olson of UpCity has built a platform that's successfully connected 250K+ SMBs with local marketing providers, so he's seen first hand how being the "neighborhood" resource can power any B2SMB go-to-market strategy. He's joined by a small panel of fellow local experts to talk how to develop and deploy your localization angle for ultimate B2SMB success.

      Dan Olsen, CEO

      Michael Hawk, Founder

    • 12:15 PM SPEED-DATING FOR B2SMB PARTNERS - LUNCH12:15 PM - 1:30 PMHere's a great chance to grab a bite, grab a chair, and meet fellow B2SMB pros interested in partnerships. Whether the opportunity is cooperative marketing or joint product development or just simple sharing of best practices, you can munch and meet with as many peers as time allows!

      Sponsored by Squarestack