“The monopoly Google holds in the search market can literally put a death sentence on your small business, if your company or the industry you are in is blocked from placing paid search ads,” says Joe Butch, a digital-marketing manager at Recovery Centers of America. “Google is deciding who can and cannot continue on their platform.” (Philadelphia Inquirer)



Automation is changing the nature of work, flushing workers without a college degree out of productive industries, like manufacturing and high-tech services, and into tasks with meager wages and no prospect for advancement.(New York Times)



If just 5 percent of all small business owners with no employees were able to hire their first, it would create more than 1 million new jobs, writes Carol Roth. But small business owners rarely get the types of incentives that would make it easier for them to increase their positive impact on the economy. (Fox Business)



Generic banner ads are a thing of the past: 54 percent of consumers expect brands to tailor mobile information for them based on their previous behavior, such as website visits or purchases. This means delivering helpful, relevant ads that make sense at the moment, (Marketing Land)



Most marketers have come to understand the reality of a nuanced, unique and non-linear path to purchase for consumers. The new path is a result of access to information online that helps consumers make informed purchase decisions and the smartphone has made this information accessible anywhere. (LSA Insider)



The market for POS software has been yielded considerable promise, but not all segments of the market are showing equally lucrative demand potential, according to a new business intelligence report. (Press Release via Digital Journal)