ThriveHiveand Comcast Business announced a big marketing pilot yesterday, in which Comcast Business will push ThriveHive’s SMB marketing platform to its customers.Comcast Business claims 2 Million + customers. (Local Onliner)



Major CRM brands have been in a historic (and losing) battle to truly meet the demands of small businesses, writes Gene Marks. The problem has been that either their products are too complex or they require too many add-ons to make them full-functioning. This is why we’re seeing more and more suites of offerings. (Forbes)



Though the consumer journey is more variable and complex than ever, it’s clear that shoppers conduct online research before almost every offline purchase. New LSA research shows 70% of adults do internet research “every time” or “almost every time” before buying. (LSA Insider)



For small business owners, raising capital has never been as easy as it is today. But another recession, which many say could hit even this year, could put an end to all that.(Entrepreneur)



A new study from Intuit found that the majority of small businesses around the world (61%) struggle with cash flow, and nearly a third (32%) are unable to either pay vendors, pay back pending loans, or pay themselves or their employees due to cash flow issues. (Press Release)



Financial services platform Kabbage hands out loans to small businesses as an alternative to traditional banks. CEO Rob Frohwein joins Yahoo Finance to discuss the company’s latest program for small businesses.(Yahoo)