Often consumer PR takes the centre stage… but what’s on the horizon for B2B PR? With 2020 fast approaching, here are my top five predictions for PR in the B2B space. 

1. Pressure on PROs to become the brand

Particularly agency-side, PROs must be able to remain flexible, jump in and out of each client’s persona, speaking their language and echoing the mantras. However, I predict there will be increased pressure on PR professionals to be even more absorbed by the brands they work with, no longer “just” an extension. The reason being many companies cultivate their own tone, feel, language and messaging, which they require their PR team to be able to emulate well and convincingly. It’s becoming more important to companies and their brands to be iconic and recognised by the way they are, their personality. Gone are the days when brands relied on the brand logo and colour for recognition, today it’s how they communicate, on what platform, in what way, reactive or proactive, sense of humour, controversy, visually, audibly, both, neither?

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