LEHI, Utah, Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — FreshLime, a leading Customer Connection Platform for small businesses, announced the release of its Messenger Chat Platform this week, an AI-driven conversational marketing tool intended to enhance the customer experience, increase leads, and increase sales transactions through personalized 1:1 conversations driven by the consumer.

Today’s world of on-demand customer expectation creates a massive opportunity for local businesses looking to deliver outstanding customer service. Most consumers don’t want to pick up the phone, email back and forth, or put information into contact lead forms at the moment they are searching and have a high intent to purchase. FreshLime helps businesses connect with customers where they are at that moment, and brings all of those valuable customer interactions and engagement into one centralized conversation. This enables the business to provide the on-demand personalized experience consumers expect without the high cost of increased headcount or outsourcing.

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