It’s a noisy world. Your customers and prospects are constantly bombarded with messages and content, day after day. Surprisingly, much of it is actually very good. According to research conducted by Gartner, almost 90% of B2B buyers indicated that the information they get during the purchasing process is high quality.

The problem is that while B2B buyers are drowning in information, it’s difficult for them to make sense of the often contradictory content. As a result, confusion and doubt set in. Buyers become concerned they can’t make the right choice, and they default to doing nothing, postponing the decision to some point in the future.

The challenge for B2B businesses is to reach those buyers and deliver insight, guidance and, ultimately, offers that are shaped for their needs so buyers can then devote their time and energy to navigating the challenges of just getting deals done. Sellers need to deliver clarity and conviction to guide buyers through the confusion, which requires tight, consistent alignment across the entire customer-facing organization that most B2B businesses struggle to attain.

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