According to a new survey of advertising buyers, Amazon could double its ad revenue among top US ad buyers in the next two years, giving it 12 percent of total digital ad spending in 2020. Meanwhile, Facebook’s main social network platform is expected to lose 3 percentage points of market share in that time. (Recode)



Small businesses have a sense of optimism which hasn’t been seen by the 45-year-old National Federation of Independent Businesses index.Business owners have been reporting that policy changes are responsible for real-world growth. (Small Biz Trends)



Square’s management continues to shuffle. One week after the merchant services and mobile payments company tapped Amrita Ahuja to lead finance, Mary Kay Bowman, has joined Visa as its head of seller solutions.(TechCrunch)




As search trends change and local SEO tools become more powerful, it’s important to grow your client’s digital footprint.To help stay on top of visibility goals, here’s a run-down of the SEO tools marketers will need for 2019. (LSA Insider)



America’s small businesses would have created hundreds of thousands more jobs over the past three years if not for a mistake by the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB has an opportunity to correct the error. (Wall Street Journal)



The differences between spoken and typed queries may cause different search results. Want your website rank as high for voice queries as for the typed ones? This article will give you the six key steps to undertake for 2019. (Search Engine Watch)



We’ve spent quite a bit of time considering the SMB trends that took shape in 2018 and what they will mean to the Business-to-Small-Business ecosystem we so passionately support, writes the B2SMB Institute’s Dave Walker.Here are our Top 10, all of which we’ll actively address at our Playbooks19event in March, and at our Leaders’ Forumin June. (B2SMB Blog)