Visa has announced a new offer from Yelp to bring exclusive advertising benefits to U.S. small and medium-sized businesses that use a Visa Business credit or debit card to purchase Yelp Ads.This offer can help SMB owners maximize the value they get from both companies. (Press Release)

Of the roughly 28 million small businesses in the US, how many are trying to DIY their own digital marketing? The answer is: most of them.(LSA Insider)

Alternative small business lender Fundation has struck a new partnership with Banc of California to develop a streamlined, digital small business lending and line of credit solution that the bank can offer to its small business clients. (PYMNTS)

Robots aren’t the exclusive purview of major enterprises anymore. Small and medium-sized businesses are finding ways to save money and streamline operations by automating.This guide will show you how. (ZDNet)

Small businesses, with their narrow margins for error, are particularly vulnerable to the kinds of natural and human-caused disasters that can send a business into a deep freeze. But while many have taken some steps to protect themselves against a disaster, few have any formal plan. (BizTech Magazine)

Robomart has announced a partnership with Stop & Shop to deploy driverless store vehicles in the Boston area this spring. The vehicles will be stocked with Stop & Shop inventory, including pre-packaged meal kits, confectionary snacks and candy, and basic produce like fruits and vegetables. (VentureBeat)