The Problem: B2SMB founders often start with an intimate knowledge of what their customers care about — but as they find success and more staffers are hired to meet demand, that intimacy can be lost.At Ruby Receptionists, empathy among employees for small-business owners is a big part of what sustains the business.

The Process: During a period of extremely high growth, Ruby’s managers needed to focus new employees on the most basic function of their role — understanding the needs of the SMB.

The company created a process for employees to autonomously deliver on the mission of making personal connections and creating “WOW” moments for customers.

The Solution: To connect employees to what it’s like to own, run, and work in a small business, the Ruby executive team initiated an “annual theme” around which programming would be oriented as the year progressed: “In Our Customer’s Shoes.”

The annual theme served as the emotional rally cry to drive business goals, results, and greater employee engagement.

The Result: Celebrating “WOW Moments” and creating the campaign to focus their receptionists on “In Our Customer’s Shoes” elevated the company’s NPS score and its CSAT score — and brought Ruby’s employees closer to customers and the mission of its service

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