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Are you
an Iron Chef in today’s $500Bil+ business-to-small-business marketplace? Or does it feel more like you’re in Hell’s Kitchen?

The B2SMB Leaders Forum is programmed specifically for very busy B2SMB senior executives. You’ll find a haven to step away from the day to day tactics of running operations, and feed your strategy and leadership muscles.  You’ll be immersed in “big picture” insights, highly interactive workshops and 1-to-1 peer exchanges that are focused on new and emerging business strategies and models for building profitable SMB-focused businesses.

Join an elite and exclusive assembly of 100+ senior executives from many of the B2SMB Institute’s largest Members as we confront the biggest challenges – and opportunities – of our highly-fragmented customer and prospect base. Leaders will address fellow Leaders on success with millions of “snowflake” SMBs that so often defy description and scale, opening a dynamic 2-day top-to-top “idea kitchen” on what’s working, and what’s not.  

Our C-level attendees will range from Marketers to Operators to Founders – over 70% of last years’ attendees were VP-level and above.  And what better place to assemble than the Culinary Institute’s “foodie wonderland” (NY Times) at the heart of Napa. Reserve your place at the table today!

Highlights of Day 1: Mastering New SMB Ecosystems

Lauren Weinberg, 

Head of Marketing

SMBs and Their Money

Small Businesses know their money matters, but managing that money is their most complicated job. Square sits at the center of an SMB financial management ecosystem that includes getting paid, paying bills, paying employees, raising capital and more. Lauren Weinberg talks how Square will square its future as device, system, service and lifetime SMB partner.

Jay Fulcher,

SMBs and Their People

As the largest collective employer in the US, how are SMBs solving for the challenges people bring to any business? Jay Fulcher, founder of one of the longest players in the B2SMB HR space, gives insights, perspectives and more.

Clate Mask, Co-Founder/CEOSMBs and Their Customers

Clate Mask knows SMBs, with nearly 20 years of both being an SMB and serving SMBs every day. He especially knows the unique relationship that exists between SMBs and their customers, a world unto itself.  He’ll talk how that world is changing – and what remains constant.

More Day 1 Highlights: Mastering B2SMB at Scale

Raj Mukherjee
SVP Product

Temy Mancusi-Ungaro
SVP Client Delivery

“How to Serve SMBs at Scale And Live to Tell About It”

When you serve SMB customers in the millions, you quickly confront the overwhelming challenges of scale. From targeted marketing to direct selling to fulfillment, you face thousands of possible iterations, versions and customizations. In a world of so many choices, what’s YOUR organizing principle? Two of our largest B2SMB brands talk how they successfully serve their huge SMB customer bases.

Highlights of Day 2 : Mastering Major SMB Trends

Steve Strauss,
Sr. SMB ColumnistMastering SMB Word-of-Mouth

Word of Mouth, or WOM, is a bomb that can either blow up in your face or explode in viral success.  From the words of reviews to the voice of Influencers, from your own content to what’s said about you on Facebook, if you don’t know your WOM you’re gonna bomb!

Ben Brewer,
SVP & GM of Global SMB

Mastering SMB Data-into-Products

Many B2SMB brands are awakening to the value of their SMB customers’ data, specifically data derived from product usage and behaviors. Ben Brewer of SAP Concur will talk how SMB customer data is aggregated, analyzed and packaged to create genuine offering value.

Ed Arcinue
Chief Customer Officer
Mastering the Human Touch

Long ago, SMBs bought everything face-to-face. Then we evolved. But now major B2SMB brands are recognizing that even a slight touch from a real human being makes all the difference in successfully winning and keeping SMBs. Ed Arcinue is a believer that people still sell to people, and he talks how at LegalZoom.

Speakers, Facilitators & Participants Committed to
Leaders’ Forum 2019
(6/6 Update)

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Agenda & Speaker Roster for
the 2019 B2SMB Institute Leaders’ Forum

Speakers & speaker schedule is subject to change

13jun(jun 13)12:00 pm14(jun 14)2:00 pmLeaders' Forum 19

More Speakers, Facilitators & Participants Committed to
Leaders’ Forum 2019
(6/6 Update)

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Still More Speakers, Facilitators & Participants Committed to
Leaders’ Forum 2019 (6/6 Update)

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What They Said: Top Reasons
for B2SMB Pros to Attend Leaders’ Forum

Best-in-Class for B2SMB

What a great two days. You guys are building something super cool and INCREDIBILY valuable.” – Jill Nelson, CEO/Founder, Ruby Receptionists

“I was so incredibly impressed on who you were able to gather together to talk about how we better support the SMB community.” – Erik Day, VP/GM – Small Business, Dell 

“The event was first class, from the people, the connections and the take home value.” – Sean Cohen, COO, Weber

There’s no other event that entirely focuses on the highly challenging $500Bil Business-to-Small-Business marketspace, bringing B2SMB pros at all levels a unique and intense value.

A Focus on What Works

“It was great to hear the experiences of the speakers and other attendees. We came away with some immediate points of optimization for our go to market process.” – Joanna Knox, BD Lead, Fundbox

“We thought the event was very well done!   You guys brought it! The networking and content was spot on.” – Aaron Bailey, COO, 

“My team and I learned so much during the conference with all the folks who are serving SMBs. Overall, a truly inspiring event.” – Liz Yoon, Partnerships Management, LegalZoom 

We emphasize what works when it comes to reaching, engaging, keeping, keeping and growing SMBs.  With no time for theory, our attendees leave a whole lot smarter on what to do next.

Pro-Grade Networking

 “Great connections and networking.” – Carrie Jacobson, VP Technology & Services, Office Depot

“There was great energy in the room and lots of good opportunity to network.” – Kelly Thomas Nojaim, VP Partner Development, Microsoft

We pride ourselves on bringing together B2SMBs best and brightest and fostering their peer-to-peer exchanges, with plenty of time and space to comfortably interact.

What’s Now & What’s Next

“I found a lot of value connecting with various leaders in the space and learning how different companies are approaching the SMB segment.” – Dip Ghuman, Strategic and Product Partnerships, Indeed

“Definitely think it put Lorem on the radar for a lot of important partners in the future and lots of great content from other innovators in the SMB space.’ – Sam Wilcoxon, Founder, Lorem

We believe it’s critical that B2SMB pros see what’s here and what’s coming when it comes to the millions of Small Business they are trying to sell. Count on us to keep looking ahead!  

More than a Single Event

“I think this will grow year over year and I look forward in participating in future.” – Jenn Allen, SMB Segment Lead, Cisco

“You put together a great event and it’s definitely going to be one of the must-go to events for everyone who is serving small businesses.” – Martin Schmidt, Strategic Development, 1&1

“Thank you for the opportunity and really enjoyed it. You are building something very interesting.” – Doug Bewsher, CEO, Leadspace

B2SMB Institute events are focus-points for our Members, but our Member community, segment Councils, SMB research and resources (like Playbooks!) adds value throughout the year and beyond!

And It’s Fun?!?

“It was a ton of fun.” – Darian Shirazi, CEO, Radius

“Absolutely amazing event.” – Max Pechersky, PromoRepublic, CEO/Co-Founder

“Seriously, it was a great show – congratulations to you for taking the lead and driving this. Much needed and I made numerous contacts – for which I can see value on both sides of the equation.” – Lem Lloyd, SVP, Buzzboard 

From the beginning, we’ve been impressed by our very own B2SMB event Speakers, facilitators, and attendees – great Pros with great experiences and great willingness to share. We make peer-to-peer fun with lots of events within our events that foster casual, comfortable exchange, and more than a few laughs.

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