Dave Walker

B2SMB Institute CEO/Founder

Dave is a Managing Partner at Hiveworks, as well as the founder of bizHive, the Small Business Advisory Marketplace. After years as a successful CMO for Fortune 50 brands and 10+ years running a $2Bil Agency portfolio, Dave turned his attention to the Business-to-Small-Business marketplace in 2012. Since then he’s worked to help large enterprises succeed with Small Business, from planning and product development, to marketing and content management.

Dave is a passionate advocate for a healthy B2SMB eco-system, believing that Big Business can and must successfully design, offer and deliver real and lasting help to the US’s 20 Million Small Businesses.

Peter Hutto

B2SMB Institute CRO

Peter is a seasoned business leader and operating executive with a track record of both enterprise and startup success. The last 13 years have been focused on the local media and small business (SMB) markets. Peter’s experience features strategy, M&A, business development, sales and product management roles with growth companies. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Three Things Consulting, a boutique consulting and advisory firm that helps clients take mission critical business initiatives from strategy to execution.

Peter is passionate about small businesses, the contribution they make our society, how companies can help SMBs succeed. At the B2SMB Institute, Peter’s role is focused on our Product and Service portfolio and our Revenue Strategy.