The $500 Billion Business-to-Small-Business marketplace is
comprised of 28 Million SMB Buyers and thousands of Sellers, representing both enormous opportunity
and near-overwhelming challenges.

We recognize that most B2SMB brands struggle in the highly fragmented, highly complex and highly disrupted B2SMB marketplace.  From high costs-per-acquisition to to high churn rates, selling to Small Business has for many become a losing proposition.

We believe that this “broken marketplace” serves neither those who sell nor those who buy.  In short, Small Business need what B2SMB brands offer in order to succeed, and Small Business success is vital to us all.


Our Mission

We’re here to ensure that B2SMB Professionals – those whose job depends on winning, keeping and growing Small Business customers – succeed.   

The B2SMB Institute champions Small-Business-centric thinking and practice that insures those who develop and deliver products & services to SMBs are successful. By focusing on what reaches, engages, wins, keeps and grows SMB customers, the Institute addresses the challenges our Members confront on a daily basis.  

We serve the needs of B2SMB leaders, practitioners, brands, enterprises, resources, investors and educators.  We sit at the center of the global B2SMB ecosystem, an exclusive destination for critical information exchange, peer-to-peer networking and specialized skills development.  We are committed to delivering meaningful insights, important connections and valuable opportunities from a trusted platform for years to come.

We Are Our Members

The B2SMB Institute is helping articulate and organize what
tens-of-thousands of Professionals already know:
Business-to-Small-Business skills are unique, valuable, and evolving
dynamically and rapidly, from sales and marketing to product
development and delivery.

For B2SMB Executive Leadership, the Institute provides a strategic resource that extends to all functional requirements of a B2SMB enterprise.  We promulgate what Leaders need to compete effectively, from research that identifies opportunities to  “playbooks” that detail successful tactics. As importantly, the Institute provides a highly valuable resource and outlet for a B2SMB Leader’s own teams and talent.  Underpinning it all is the candid top-to-top dialogue that we actively promote every day.  Our invitation-only “Leaders’ League” is the Institute’s ultimate expression of value to the B2SMB C-Suite, an exclusive stage to influence the future of the B2SMB marketplace.

For B2SMB Product and Service Developers, the Institute promotes an SMB-centric development pathway that recognizes you can’t “dumb down” large enterprise offerings and expect to win SMB favor.  Using extensive SMB research as a baseline, the Institute provides both form and forum for building offerings that SMBs will buy and use.  Our Product Development Council is led by our industry’s “best and brightest,” whose passion for Small Business success infuses everything they do.

For B2SMB Marketers & Sales Pros, the Institute provides a highly-differentiated attention to the Small Business target audience.  While other associations and events may focus on more broadly applied Marketing and Sales strategies, or more large-enterprise-directed B2B tactics, the Institute is exclusively focused on what defines our Members’ B2SMB job success.  From new media options, to content-driven engagement strategies, to the latest sales practices that close SMB deals faster, our goal is to provide our Members the means to win now.

For B2SMB Delivery & Operations Pros, the Institute offers a view far beyond the immediate four-walls.  We focus on what it takes to increase adoption rates, accelerate onboarding, increase long-term use rates, lower churn and promote up-sell.  Our Delivery & Operations Council is led by a wide range of B2SMB product and service Sellers to insure our Members can study and apply what works on both large and small scales.

For B2SMB Solution Providers, the Institute provides direct and frequent access to B2SMB decision makers seeking the very help your business provides.  As B2SMB Institute Sponsors, the majority of solution providers will represent best-in-class resources that assist in B2SMB product and service development, marketing, sales or delivery success. The Institute intends to provide a Member-to-Sponsor ratio that enhances value for both Sellers and Buyers.  Benefits to the B2SMB Institute Sponsor include:

      • Direct access to the largest, most influential B2SMB brand Buyers
      • An unrivaled resource for all issues and opportunities from the  B2SMB marketplace
      • A position of influence in the rapidly evolving B2SMB space