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Phase 1 of the B2SMBI Brand Confidence
Research is Now Available for Download

Do you want to better understand how and why SMB’s decide to buy, keep and recommend one vendor/brand and their products or services over another?  Do you need to sell more to SMBs, drive product adoption, enhance retention, grow customer LTV, and increase profitability? 

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of Our SMB Brand Confidence Research Report

B2SMB Institute’s 2019 SMB Brand Confidence Research is a 3 phase project to answer the following questions:

1. How can we translate the SMB buying process into a better defined decision-making framework that helps B2SMB companies better market, sell, serve & keep SMB customers? 

2. What actions and behaviors of B2SMB Companies impact, enhance or reduce SMB Brand Confidence at key lifecycle touch points (marketing, sales, fulfillment, product, service/support)?

3. Can we create an independent “Brand Confidence Score” that provides both Brands (and SMBs) with an accurate representation of brand positioning and perception that can enhance the SMB purchase process.

Produced by Thrive Analytics with the Sponsorship support of LocalIQ and the partnership support of Alignable and BuzzBoard, our Phase 1 report reveals our early findings, revealing some key insights to the SMB’s decision-making framework.

Download your copy of the B2SMB Institute’s 2019 SMB Brand Confidence Research – Phase 1 Report today for details behind our key findings, including:

    • How SMB buying behaviors change by lifestage

    • How Digital savvy influences brand confidence

    • How SMB purchasing breaks down into 3 distinct processes

    • How SMBs experience your brand at different touchpoints

    • How the landscape of SMB Brand Confidence varies widely across segments and between brands

How SMBs Buy

Our Research will effectively “translate” the SMB buying process into a more consistent, better defined decision-making framework.  Our summary and detailed insights will help B2SMB enterprises more readily understand and apply this framework to better market, sell, serve & keep SMB customers at scale.

Why SMBs Buy

Our Research will aggregate hundreds of insights into why SMBs gain and lose confidence in a brand, a product or a service, compositing brand confidence scores accurately reflects a B2SMB’s brand position, its relation to competitors, and its actionable opportunities for improvement.

What You Can Do

Our Research will measure the impact of your B2SMB enterprise’s actions and behaviors on your Brand Confidence Score.  Isolating the impact of all your key SMB customer touchpoints (product development, marketing, sales, fulfillment, service) you’ll have a roadmap of what’s working, and what isn’t.

Planned Outcomes of Our
2019 B2SMB Brand Confidence Research:

We will define an SMB purchase decision-making framework that accurately identifies common details of the SMB buying process, including buying criteria and other purchase factors, product/service adoption, use and retention criteria.

We will map this SMB purchase decision-making framework to common, easily applicable SMB profiles/personas valuable to B2SMB brands.

We will establish a working definition of B2SMB Brand Confidence while developing, measuring and tracking a variety of Brand Confidence factors.

We will identify tangible, actionable insights B2SMB Brands can apply across all operational SMB touch points to improve Brand Confidence and hence SMB market performance.

We will publish our research findings in running “Flash” reports and findings, culminating in a Comprehensive Report with Executive Summary (free to Members), as well as Detailed Functional reports by B2SMB Brand (for purchase).