We all know the small-business marketplace is vast and varied, which can make it seem impossible to tame. Understanding what motivates small-business owners is a good first step for big brands trying to create an authentic connection.

Getting inside the mind of the SMB is not as difficult as you might think – you just have to talk with them. And that’s exactly what B2SMBi charter member Cargo did recently. For the latest installment of its Small Talk series, Cargo gathered four SMB owners around a cocktail table. That’s when the drinks and the conversation started to flow.

The guests included the owners of a wedding and special events company, a yoga and art studio, a video production company, and a landscape services company.

The small talk turned to real stories of life as an SMB owner – how they started their businesses, what their main areas of focus are, and what being a small-business owner means to them.

Thanks to Cargo, we get to eavesdrop on their conversation, and come away a little bit smarter about what makes SMBs tick. Watch the video now.


Cargo CEO Dan Gliatta will share more insights from the Small Talk series at the upcoming B2SMB Institute Leaders’ Forum, May 16-17, in San Francisco.

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NOTE FROM CARGO: We know that the production quality isn’t perfect, but the content included above is top-notch. We hope you learn something new!

Author: Small Talk is an investigation into the world of small business. A look into what drives small business owners. And, an exploration of how big brands are effectively engaging this highly passionate group of SBOs. Why? Because we believe that if you’re not talking small, you’re not thinking big enough. Small Talk is hosted by Cargo, a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in helping big brands connect with small business.