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The 100+ Brands of the B2SMB Institute



We’re gathering business-to-small-business Leaders from across our $500Mil ecosystem to share their playbooks on helping SMBs recover and rebound with resilience.


Learn from a wide variety of approaches deployed to help SMBs in their year of need – how to find the offering that fits your brand best, how to develop it, how to communicate and support it, and more.


Meet and greet your peers in our growing B2SMBI community as we explore ways to learn from each other and work together to deliver Small Business the help they need.

Are you helping your Small Business Customers recover?

Are you really helping them?

The stories of B2SMB brands aiding in the recovery of their Small Business customers are growing by the day. From early contributors like Verizon Business to recent entrants like Facebook to perennial players like American Express, B2SMB brands are stepping up to aid their customers.

But help with good intentions does not necessarily mean help that actually helps.

Over the last several months, we’ve seen dozens if not hundreds of Small Business assistance programs, offers, initiatives, grants and the like. 

But more importantly, we’ve seen successes and failures and a lot of “could’s & should’s.” These do’s and don’ts are turning into detailed playbooks on how to lend aid to SMBs.

So mark your calendar for our SmallBizAid, October 1 – a full day of Playbooks from your peer brands on what they are getting done at scale to assist SMBs in their recovery.

You’ll hear from B2SMB Leaders, Influencers, advocates, and more, in a mix of live and on-demand virtual presentations, interviews, and panels featuring leaders from our top B2SMBI-Member brands.

Check back here as our agenda takes shape in the coming weeks!  

In the meantime, check out these “Playbooks” from our recent Leaders’ Forum!

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit hard in early March, perhaps no large B2SMB Enterprise swung into action faster than Verizon. TJ Fox, President of Verizon Business, talks early principles of engagement, adaptive culture, iterative initiatives and a “Help first” foundation embraced by thousands of associates. A strategic Playbook for Senior Leaders who recognize it is never too late to help first.

Spearheading a national “PayToday” campaign that highlighted the $900Bil owed SMBs, Fundbox is driving transformative offerings to help Small Business level-up their cash-flow resilience. Hear how they’re going to market with a mission, and what their mission can teach us all.