Introducing the 2018 Survey of B2SMB Executives –
The first installment of the B2SMB Institute’s research continuum

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The B2SMB Institute’s first-ever “Survey of B2SMB Executives” will help our Members and followers gain invaluable leadership insights from hundreds of leadership peers – insights that you just can’t get anywhere else.

The “Survey of B2SMB Executives” will detail and summarize:

  • Strategic and tactical priorities from over 500 B2SMB leaders
  • Forecasts and trends in the $500Bil B2SMB marketplace
  • Immediate SMB research and insight priorities for top B2SMB Brands

We’d like you to participate and benefit from the Survey’s findings.  The complete results of the Survey will be introduced exclusively at our Leaders’ Forum in San Francisco on May 16-17, and available via subscription afterwards.

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The survey takes about ten minutes to complete. Your response is confidential and will only be shared in aggregate, with no originating information.

As a Survey participant, you’ll receive our full “Survey of B2SMB Executives” summary at no cost.

BONUS: Survey participants will also receive a 50% discount on tickets to the Leaders’ Forum!

Since its launch in 2017, the B2SMB Institute has created a first-ever, peer-driven group of Business-to-Small-Business leaders from the world’s top B2SMB Brands, all of whom seek to learn best practices in product development, fulfilment and go-to-market strategies.

From C-suite decision-makers to Founders of break-out start-ups to major B2SMB eco-system investors and influencers, the B2SMB Institute brings the best and brightest together to talk high-level strategy and day-to-day tactics on what it takes to reach, engage, sell, keep and grow SMB customers.

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