The latest batch of SMB-oriented research was showcased June 13-15 at Street Fight Summit 2017 in Brooklyn. Among the most compelling factoids:

1. Top SMB digital interests (in order): Real time location data, mobile push offerings, targeted tv ads, mobile wallets, VR/AR, beacons; streaming audio/podcasting, on demand delivery, chatbots, voice search and wearables (Street Fight)

2. Most widely subscribed SMB features: 32% CRM; 25% payroll and other human resource solutions; 22% marketing and ad solution; 21% finance and operations 19% supply chain services (LSA)

3. Where SMBs need the most help: SEO, paid search, reputation management/review generation (Street Fight)

4. SMBs’ biggest problem: Not enough of a marketing budget to drive people into stores (Street Fight)

5. Use cloud tech companies or media companies? 62% prefer cloud tech companies over media companies (LSA)

6. Single Provider or Multi providers? 60% would rather work with single provider (LSA)

7. SMB Cloud laggards: 57% are not shifting to cloud solutions. They are “comfortable” with what they have today (LSA)

8. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul: More than 75% fund their digital marketing efforts by cutting traditional budgets (Borrell)

9. How Much Go Daddy Spends to acquire a customer: $60 (Go Daddy)

10. How Much has YP reduced cost per lead since last year: 12% (YP)

Posted by Peter Krasilovsky, LocalOnliner