UPS (NYSE:UPS) is announcing a new collaboration with Shippo – a leading shipping and logistics app for small- to mid-sized retailers. Shippo’s 35,000 businesses can now easily create an account with UPS and those customers can receive its discounted daily shipping rates of up to 55%. 

“We integrate closely with every step of the order fulfillment process – from e-commerce platforms and marketplaces to leading global carrier integrations – to let businesses focus on growing their company, rather than on logistics,” said Laura Behrens Wu, Co-Founder and CEO of Shippo. “This new partnership allows us to present competitive UPS shipping options to our customers – helping to level the playing field for SMBs [small- and medium-sized businesses], versus larger shippers with the scale to negotiate their own discounted rates. This collaboration also validates UPS’ commitment to accelerating the growth and success of small online merchants.” 

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