Accounts payable invoice automation provider Invoice Stream is integrating its technology into payments services provided by Usio.

Usio announced the collaboration in a press release Tuesday (Dec. 10), noting that Usio’s PayFac-in-a-Box platform will integrate Invoice Stream’s invoice processing capabilities in order to streamline the invoice-to-pay process and broaden Usio’s reach in the B2B payments arena.

In a statement, Usio EVP and Chief Revenue Officer Vaden Landers said the costs and friction associated with receiving and paying paper invoices create a struggle for companies today.

“Innovations in Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) have slowed, creating opportunities to capture market share,” he said, adding that collaborating with Invoice Stream “allows us to offer market participants in various industry segments with access to a solution set that takes them from paper to electronic — both in terms of the way bills are sent, received and ultimately paid — to the extent cash flows are dramatically improved.”

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